Saloon & Dance hall

The Saloon is the heart and soul of Dunton and is replete with local lore. Many of the fixtures are original, including the rustic wooden bar in which are carved the monikers of Butch Cassidy and his sidekick Sundance, attesting to the lawlessness that prevailed in this part of Colorado in the 1800’s. There is a spacious sitting area, a large communal dining table, and a pool table. The kitchen is open and guests particularly enjoy being able to watch and even participate in the preparation of the day’s fare.

Adjoining the Saloon and equally steeped in history, the Dance Hall is the perfect place for a wedding party or a family gathering. If only its walls could speak, they might recount many a secret from the "fallen angels", miners, trappers and cowboys who built Dunton Hot Springs.

Even with all this color, it wonderfully suits a unique corporate retreat.