Dining in the Saloon

Our Chefs, led by Executive Chef Basil Yu, draw on classical training to create a new menu every day using local and regional ingredients, some from our farm and vineyard.

In the late summer we gather wild mushrooms, chanterelles and boletus in the surrounding mountains. We all eat at a long, antique table in the center of the Saloon. A tradition from the big cattle outlaws that we choose to maintain. If guests prefer however, we do have the option for guests to dine separately.

The open kitchen is the heart of the old Saloon for everyone to see and enjoy. People love to watch and even help the Chef, as he makes the days fare. We welcome the opportunity to prepare something special, just say the word.


The morning starts when you want. Meander over to the Saloon. You will be greeted by an array of fresh delectables, aromatic coffees and teas, and just-squeezed fruit juices. Our Chef is then ready to prepare whatever you choose.


is both casual and special. For the adventurous we will put together the most wonderful picnic for your fishing trip, hike, horse ride or the shady mountain meadow you have picked out.


is the pinnacle and culmination of a day of excitement, wonder and relaxation. Among friends, sharing the stories of the day. Amazing food, fine wines and delightful company come together to enrich the evening.

Wine list

A variety of our wines are included in the House list, but you can review the whole Reserve List here.